Friday, August 22, 2014

sick and tired

It seems to me that if Feminists want to win the war on trans qaeda, they can't do it while hiding behind social media.

Need I name names? Sure; I'm referring to the psuenonymous, yet supposedly lesbian bloggers who write for,, and all these other social justice warriors who present themselves as lesbian on social media.

For quite some time now, I've noticed some of these people have had it both ways, being an outspoken crtiic of transgenderism while at the same time, they've been letting other feminists, like Cathy Brennan, become a punching bag whenever, or every time it seems something goes wrong with the feminist movement. 

While this blog of late has been mostly critical and in total opposition to transgenderism, feminism, specifically lesbian feminists have blood on their hands too, and it's not from the menstrual periods.

Like all the other sexual orientation and gender identity groups that make up the GLBT movement, here too, feminists have lost focus, mostly concentrating on the issues they matter only to them and many times, to the exclusion of the interests of everyone else. 

It doesn't matter they happen to be right on this time regarding transgenderism, that it's gone too far; But in this movement of ours, one can only be divine, free from moral turpitude.

I don't want to turn this into a critique of Cathy Brennan; As I wrote before, she's an amazing person who could, if she wanted to, bring back some common sense into the gay and lesbian movement.  But she has a martyr complex. She wants to have it both ways, a sheep among the wolves. In her world of activism, arrogance, ignorance, hypocrisy, and selfishness are the rule of law.

I'm allergic to these types of people.  They're oppressionists.  They don't believe in giving people like me second chances; That's a privilege afforded only to upper middle class people.

In fact, for many people, it would seem that it doesn't matter whether that I am more in sync with gay and lesbian history than anyone else or that I've no real motive for becoming a critic of equality advocates or transgenderism.  I'm not interest in becoming a celebrity activist.

I took a wrong turn in life, and I'm disqualified.

Here's my message to all of you: Fuck you.

If you people actually believe that we must hold as our equals a bunch of people with castration fetish, Gavin McInnes is right: You are insane.

And if you're someone who believes gay, lesbian, bisexual, and yes even transgender must have a squeaky clean image, you are stupid. It's no wonder why their still remains a thriving evangelical/conservative movement opposed to our existence. 

Don't blame me for that.  When I started blogging in 2004, my intent was to combat homophobia in all it's incarnations.  All of it. All of them, including the ones all the gay bloggers have popularized.  But something happened along the way.  The gay bloggers got greedy and selfish, becoming essentially, they're own worst enemy, alot of it at my expense. It got worse; everyone allowed them to co-opt anti-gay talking points and tropes and use them openly against other activists.  My so called friends and followers - and you know who you are, because you'll be reading this when this goes live - have all told me I should quit, shut the blog down, and go with the haterosexual flow.  When I call them out on their arrogance, ignorance, cowardice, and outright stupidity, no surprise they become adversarial, like I don't exist in their world anymore.

I'm sick and tied of you too.

If you're reading this, I would like you to unfollow me on Twitter, or uncircle me on Google+.  (I don't have Facebook.) You are a disgrace to our humanity and I don't want anything to do with you.

For the rest of you, the same applies to you: if you're angry and frustrated by all the infighting and bullshit taking place with the GLBT, you can't have it both ways either.  

You're not helping, You're hurting.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

putting things into perspective

So according to everyone, Feminists are supplanting the rule of man with the rule of woman, and that's bad thing. But we're supposed to say nothing, see nothing, and do nothing to about the trans qaeda threat and their quest to supersede and replace women and gays because transgenderism is the new gay, gay is the new black, black is the new white, white men are the new oppressed minority, woman is the nigger of the world, and transgenders are our saving grace.

Blessed are the tranny peacemakers.

Everyone got it? Good. Carry on.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

i don't make this shit up.

As expected, #TERFWeek, the hashtag created by trans women activists to raise awarness and foster discussion about trans exclusionary radical feminism, or TERFS, has turned out to be a huge fail.   They tried cartoon logic; didn't work.  They had Debi Jackson,the conservative mother of a confused boy or trans girl write about experieng hate at the hands of so called TERFS, but as it turns out, that bigotry turned out to be concern Jackson may be using transgenderism to cure her son's gayness.  That didn't work well either, so then they had an aging lesbian feminist and transgender activists reopen old wounds, writing about decades old incidents no one cares or remembers.  When that didn't work for them as well, they exploited a dead person.

This could have, should have been transgenderism's nail in the coffin except that some guy named Gavin McInnes wrote an ill timed allegedly transphobic article for and wound up doing two things: One, he reinvigorated the homophobic transgender movement and all their naive and gullible allies, and two, McGinness managed to give everyone another bad case of stockholm syndrome.

It doesn't matter that McInnes was doxxed, or that trans activists including Stephen Ira, Warren Beatty and Annette Benning's trans son, and Heri Nef, a male performance artist who thinks he's a lesbian published McIness' address online, or that trans activists have openly threatened his wife and children and vilified those who don't necessarily like what he wrote but agree with him trans advocacy has gone too far; Nope, McInnes committed a hate crime and he must suffer the consequences.

While all this played out here in the states, over in merry old England, there was yet another incident that took place between the TERFS and the trannies, only here there were no radical feminists involved.  

On August 11,  three trans activists - Miranda Yardley, Paris Lees, and Fred McConnell - were asked to appear on BBC's Newsnight to talk about a former boxing promoter and manager transitioning from male to female, but the interview never happened; That's because Lees and McConnell no-showed, accusing the BBC of a radical feminist agenda and Yardley of being a transphobe.

Miranda is a M2F. Paris Lees is M2F. Fred McConnell is F2M.  And Maloney? It seems that while he now imagines himself to be a lesbian, the trans woman has an anti-gay history, voicing opposition marriage equality and same sex adoption.

Can we get the T out of the GLBT and be done with them already?

Update: Proving again, again, and again how dishonest and slimy trans advocates are, Paris Lee's has a written a column for titled "THE TRANS VS. RADICAL FEMINIST TWITTER WAR IS MAKING ME SICK." except the title was clickbait, and the article a ruse to attack lesbians who don't want suck his dick.

tipping point overload

Tipping point.

It's the GLBT movement's new buzzword.

We have the marriage equality tipping point, the transgender tipping point, and the lesbian feminism tipping point.

I suppose all good if you're one of someone belong to one of the above mentioned demographics, but for those who are not, it's come at a price.

It seems that wIth every tipping point, GLBT people have lost their right to express our truth and concerns regarding the gay and lesbian movement.  

These days, telling the truth or expressing concern about the GLBT movement has become a hate crime.

If you're someone who doesn't particularly for marriage, then you're vilified by gay activists who will go thru extreme lengths to discredit you, even if you're not entirely opposed to marriage.  

If you're someone who supports lesbianism, but the not necessarily it's radical fringe, lesbian activists will accuse you of misogyny and sexism.

And of course, if you're someone opposed to transgenderism but not transgenders, they will accuse you of bigotry and or prejudice, and then some.

I might be in a tipping point myself,  experiencing information overload from all these goddamn tipping points.

I've spent the past five days staring at Blogger's post editor, trying to make sense of things, except the more I kept trying to make sense of all this madness, the worst it got.

But the kicker came after I had who practices silent activism and hides behind their gmail address write me to encourage me to stop being a contrarian and focus all my energy and time back to our true opponents.

I would, it's just that one, anti-gay bigots have become a joke; their standard issue anti-gay tropes have become tiresome; Two, those gay popular bloggers everyone reads and hold in such high regard have cornered the market in the fight against ant-gay bigotry, exhibiting a greed and contempt for money and operate by a gift economy. They don't give a fuck who gets in their way.

Hint, hint, wink, wink.

Yeah sure, the equality movement is not solely comprised of white gay men; There are blacks and latinos and other nationalities, male, female, and yes transgender.

But where are they?

They're out for sloppy seconds.

I would love to put the band together, LGBTQ's who are just as frustrated as I am from all these assimilationists and liberationists and their infighting, but it seems that everyone is either living fragile lives.

Or, they believe in an exception for the rule; Either way, no matter what happens, whatever the tipping point, I'm/we're screwed.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

in defense of gavin mcinnes

Published earlier this week on Thought Catalog, "Transphobia is Perfectly Natural"  an essay by Gavin McInnes has been called the most transphobic article ever written.

Is it?

That all depends on one's definiton of transphobic.

In layman's terms, "transphobic" would be defined as a prejudice toward transgenders.
This article was not.  It was the sort of essay one would come to expect from McInnes who is known for being funny and controversial. 

I would post a link to it except that Thought Catalog has removed the piece from their website added a warning page following complaints the article contained hateful or abusive content.

Hell hath no fury like a woman with a penis scorned.

So what exactly did McInnes write that has everyone demanding he go to jail for a felony hate crimes?

In the essay, he criticized transgenderism, called trans women "nuts trapped in a crazy person's body,wrote Janet Mock is "retroactively rewriting history and putting a skirt on all his boyhood memories," and called those who fight transphobia of justifying mentally ill people to mutilate themselves."


Truth really can be a bitter pill to swallow.

I would tell Mr. McInnes to stand his ground, but unfortunately, I've not had a good track record in encouraging people who believe transgender advocacy has gone too far to stand their ground.  They all seem to fear me more than those social justice warrirors on Twitter who spend their online day looking for people to scapegoat.

In this new world of transgenderism, people who speak truth are the new bogeyman.  It's become a felony to write about people who transition from male to female or female to male who behave with the zeal of a religious convert.

But on this one, it looks like McInnes is fucked. In addition to people creating hashtag boycotts, and other Thought Catalog writers demanding their articles be removed, members of his own company, Rooster New York, have asked he take a leave of absence.

Not a good sign.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

what else can go wrong with #terfweek?

Answer? Everything and then some.

#TERFWeek continues to be the gift that keeps giving.

It may turn out to be one of the biggest social media hashtags ever.

The weeklong hashtag event which was supposedly meant to promote awareness, educate, and openly talk about the abuse the trans community allegedly endured at the hands of the so called trans exclusionary radical feminist movement, hit jump the shark status almost immediately after invited someone named Debi Jackson to write an article criticizing radical feminists.

Jackson is the mother of an alleged transgender daughter named AJ.  Ms. Jackson and AJ were featured in a story published on The Kansas City Star in early February. Jackson also made headlines for a speech she gave locally that was posted on YouTube.

Writing for, Jackson claims she and her family have experienced "TERF bigotry."

What was that alleged bigotry Jackson and family experienced? It's concern and criticism that Jackson. who is conservative, may be practicing "transgender reparative therapy" on a confused young boy, because in her mind it's better to be transgender than gay.

Of course, this hasn't stopped trans activists from wanting to use Debi or Ms. Jackson from becoming their latest mascot in their ongoing battles with women and gays.

Can you blame them?

Jackson was all too happy to rent out her son daughter to a bunch of predatory misoygnists and homophobes.

For those wondering, Jumping The Shark" is an idiom that is meant to describe when something that was once great has reached a point where is begins to decline in quality and popularity.

That TERFWeek coincided with Shark Week, a week long programming block on The Discovery Week which features sharked based programming, real life and fictional is rife in irony and schadenfreude.

#TERFweek is supposed to end on August 17.  What else can possibly go wrong?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

terfweek is homophobia and misogyny under a hashtag

Make no doubt about it: #TERFweek, the hashtag campaign started by trans women activists to allegedly raise awareness on how they're being oppressed by so called radical feminists is both homophobic and misogynistic.

The trans women behind this hashtag are not women; These are men who were raised as male from birth, and either invited themselves into a delusion they were the opposite sex, or, they had some help along the way; On the latter this could be any number of factors.

Or maybe it's just plain mental illness.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been much of an offense.  The so called TERFS (trans exclusionary radical feminists) being targeted have had a tendency to be overly hysterical at times, sometimes at the expense of the person who on their side, while others have borrowed a page from Anonymous, the international group of activists and hactkivists hiding behind Guy Fawkes masks.   

Meanwhile one would think that popular gay activists would be providing a united front against this new form of anti-gay terrorism, except they've all been demasculated; astonishing given all the shit gay men over 45 have gone thru, some of us who still remember what gay life was like before Stonewall?

What was gay life like? It was terribly oppressive; There was constant oppression and fear of being rejected by family and society.  Gay sex was dirty business in those days.

The Stonewall Rebellion was supposed to change things, except that all it did was to have the gays come out the closet and right into a death plague.

Now we have transgenderism; This so called movement seeks to eliminate women and gays and create a new world order where transgenders are the dominant species.

Bizarre? Outrageous? A wild conspiracy theory?

Perhaps, but, I don't make this shit up.

To prove I'm not making shit up, here is Dan Savage siding with Parker Molloy and two writers from  against an alleged transphobic column published this week on

What is it with these gay activists anyway and their fondness for selling out their own people?

Fortunately, the world does not center around Dan Savage, those women on and all other gay and lesbian activists who love the trannies and shaming those who criticize transgenderism.   There's a growing movement out there of old and young people who are sick and tired of this crap and are fighting back.  They want to take back the movement from the trans cult.  I'm more than confident they will, once they learn the difference between activism and slacktivism.