Monday, September 22, 2014

swirling in motion, again

ngblog has learned that Michelle Meow (Michelle Sinhbandith), host of Swirl Radio and Swirl TV will be interviewing Justin Allen Norwood, an activist and blogger  who has become the latest person to run afoul of the transgender community for his opposition to transgenderism and his recent petition calling on Fallon Fox to be banned from the Women's MMA. 

Because of his views, Justin has opened himself up to personal attacks, specifically by someone Ms. Sinhbandith finds "beautiful."

I've written about Ms Sinhbandith before; The last time it was with regards to her a series of controversial interviews she held back in April with several people who claim to be victims of LGBTQ bullying but have been known to repeatedly harass, intimidate, bully and shame anyone who disagrees with them, including a sociopath Michelle apparently thinks is "beautiful."

By the way, did I mention that this person threatened to kill a lesbian activist and her children and loves invoking those tiresome "gays are pedophiles" tropes in some asinine attempt to prove he's not a homicidal maniac?

Because, I suppose, it bears repeating, yes I do have a past and a internet history I'm not proud of.  But I went to prison for it and done the time for the crime.  For the past ten years I've since become a vocal opponent and adversary of special interest groups, specifically those who use the gay rights movement as a shield to hide their perverted agenda.  Not that anyone ever notices that part; they all seem to want to dwell, twist, and distort one's past, while they demand you do the exact opposite with their past lives.

Does Michelle Meow know this? It's hard to say.  This past weekend, she tried to play herself off as a victim of some sort while granting herself impunity.

This interview, if and when it does occur, will either prove to be a game changer or just more of the same.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The NCLR helped Fallon Fox get licensed so he could beat an actual lesbian.

As per, Tamikka Brents, who fought Fallon Fox at a MMA event earlier this month in Springfield, Illinois, may have sustained career ending injuries. 

Ever since the fight, Fox has been harrasing Brents on social media, mocking her fighting skills.

That's not something I would describe as courageous.

What say NCLR?  TBC

Saturday, September 20, 2014

hrc's the export of hate


There is a network of American extremists who work tirelessly to undercut LGBT people around the world at every turn. They spew venomous rhetoric, outrageous theories, and discredited science. Some claim that LGBT people are responsible for the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Others argue that LGBT people are luring away children, and that acceptance of LGBT people will lead to the destruction of families around the world. Some even suggest that the death penalty could be an appropriate punishment for simply being LGBT. It's time to take action {and put everyone on notice.}

And with that, the HRC (The Human Rights Campaign) has launched a video campaign titled, "The Export Of Hate," focusing on American born activists who work here and abroad campaigning against LGBT rights.

They include:
  • Paul Cameron; Chairman, Family Research Institute
  • Scott Lively; author, attorney, social activist and independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts
  • Benjamin Bull, chief counsel, executive vice president executive director for Alllance Defending Freedom
  • Jordan Sekulow; Director of International Operations for American Center For Law And Justice
  • Peter LaBarbera; President of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
  • Sharon Slater; President, Family Watch International
  • Robert Oscar Lopez; ex-gay activist employed as an associate professor of English at Cal State–Northridge and is a blogger at English Manif, American Thinker and other conservative publications.
  • Brian Brown; President, National Organization For Marriage
  • Larry Jacobs; Managing Director, World Congress Of Families
  • Brian Camenker; Founder, MassResistance
  • Mat Staver; founding member and chairman of Liberty Counsel, dean of Liberty University School of Law, activist lawyer and pastor
  • Michael Brown; American Messianic Jew, radio host, conservative and author
  • Janice Shaw Crouse; Conservative Women For America
It's quite an impressive list.  HRC looks like they spared no expense in hiring someone who can not only draw but knows how to use iMovie or Adobe Premiere.

Obviously, their effort has paid off despite the oversight; As one may have been reading elsewhere, the anti-gay extremists being called out are doing their best to twist and distort the HRC's internet based project, accusing them of fear mongering, venomous rhetoric,  and then some.

They would have reason to be afraid.

The videos don't lie. Their own words have come back to haunt them.

For example, here one's about Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, and someone I know all too well (as in, there's a reason why his organization has been listed as hate group and I'm the reason why):

There's just one problem:  There's no audio narrative.  This video, and the others, if one listens instead of watch, appear to be supportive of the very people they're supposed to be putting on notice.

Or is it maybe the HRC isn't putting anyone on notice; they're putting these people on a pedestal?

Friday, September 19, 2014

sign the petition - remove fallon fox from women's mma

It took several days but someone captured video of the fight between transgender Fallon Fox and Tamikka Brents at Capital City Cage Wars in Springfield, Illinois

The video shows Fallon Fox viciously going after Brents and the fight ending in a first round TKO.  Ms. Brents later announced she had suffered various injuries including a broken orbital and a concussion, injuries which could be considered a crime in the state of Illinois according to Gender Identity Watch.

One thing is certain, this video continues to fuel controversy on whether or not Fallon Fox should be allowed to fight women.   One blogger/activist has created a petition calling on the MMA to remove Fallon Fox from competing in Women's MMA.

For the record, I signed the petition and I'm asking ngblog to do likewise.

Ever since video of the fight surfaced on YouTube, Fallon Fox has been harassing Tamikka Brents on social media.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

this week in facebook stupid

Here we go again, LGBTQ activists fighting in support, or is it against, a cause, without knowing, or wanting to know of the consequences involved.

In this case, it would Facebook.  Again.

As I wrote earlier, a bunch of drag queen performers and transgender activists are pissed off at Facebook because they're now requiring their users to use their real names instead of the names they go by.

The claim is they fear using their real names for a variety of reasons, including threats to their personal safety and employment.

As per HuffingtonPost Gay Voices, On Wednesday, some of these drag queens and trans activists met with Facebook representatives, in the hopes of convincing them to reverse their policy.  It didn't go so well; at best all they got was a two week delay.

Read more:

I asked, why even bother being on Facebook?  Why not create a page on Google+, for example, and build a following there?  If they're that famous, no one would object to making such a move...

Except for perhaps the usual complainers who complains for the sake of complaining.

I don't want to go off on another rant, but apparently that was too complicated a question for everyone.  What part of "Facebook is a festering and fetid sewer of xenophobia" don't you understand?

Does anyone really need Facebook? No they don't, and I'm sort of proof.  

I don't have Facebook.  I can't have Facebook for reasons that are personal and private. I don't want Facebook.  I try very hard to avoid visiting anyone's Facebook page.   It sucks when I have to because either the page I'm visiting is firewalled or something is taking place that I can't do anything for and against.  I hate asking others to send me screengrabs or come online via Skype or Google Hangout to share their screens with me.    In the ten years Facebook has existed, I've yet to have anyone, a family member, friend, or activist competitor explain to me with calm and reason the benefits of a Facebook account other to make people stupid and lazy.

Are there times when I'm reconsidering my opinion or views on Facebook? Yeah, sure; I would love to have a fan page, for example, or have people use their Facebook accounts to leave a comment, or, truth be told, promote my blog.    But then stupid happens...

and I'm quickly reminded as to why not having Facebook is the best thing to ever happen in my life, and I've not had many successes in life.

One day its Facebook censoring a [gay] kiss photo for being too provocative.  Another day, its banning an activist group from saying trangenderism is wrong.  Now it's drag queens living in fear of crazy family members liking them on Facebook.

Is it Friday, yet?

the fckh8 debacle: lessons to be learned

Unless someone comes out with undeniable evidence FCKH8 is a company that exploits and profits from social causes, and don't really donate to the charities that stem to benefit from the sales of their tees and other items, it seems this tweet is dead on.

What we've had all week long is a bunch of minions defending the non profit one percent.  Uncle Tom's and Aunt Jemima's attacking a company that doesn't appear to play by the same rules.  

What they've been saying all along needs to turn their business over to the transgender community and leave the minorities and the homos to fend for themselves.

I wasn't the one who tweeted about Islan Nettles and CeCe McDonald in the middle of an online debate accusing FCKH8 of profitting in racism, while they were trying to get paid for inciting racism.

And lest anyone think I'm talking or writing shit, here in the borough I live in, The Bronx, we don't have a LGBTQ center. It's unlikely there will ever be one. LGBTQ activists have been fighting against the idea of a brick and mortar location, preferring a page on Facebook instead. Other so called activists have fought against companies, or the so called "big box stores" from opening locations here, blaming their [kid's] asthma on Fresh Direct and Walmart. 

But lest anyone try to do something about Ruben Diaz or Fernando Cabrera, politicians who keep the borough and their constituents downtrodden and oppressed, to fight for new LGBTQ center, that they will put a fight for.  That, and a t-shirt company known for it's social commentary videos.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

more on fckh8 and the social justice warriors attacking them.

Oh, this is getting so good...

I wrote earlier about FCKH8, the social justice t-shirt company who released a video earlier this month featuring several children from Ferguson, Missouri, an area that gained international attention on August 9, 2014, when a young man was fatally shot by a Ferguson police officer, sparking over two weeks of protest and civil unrest, addressing the topic of racism.

It was also to promote the release of their new anti-racism t-shirt, and numerous other items based on their anti-racism campaign.

Upon learning that they would recieve a donation from FCKH8, Race Forward, announced thru their Facebook they would not accept any donations from FCKH8 and Synergy Media, FCKH8's parent company.

Colorlines, a news and commentary site published by Race Forward, then posted an article by Aura Bogado, news editor for Colorlines titled, “This is the company making money off of Ferguson,” accusing FCKH8 of profiting in racism. 

Bogado also attacked FCKH8's parent company, Synergy Media, a corporate branding firm specializing in Printing, Apparel, Design, Warehousing and Order Fulfillment.  

It seems that in addition to her hatred for FCKH8, Bogado has a problem with another t-shirt company,  They ran a similar campaign, with proceeds of sales from one of their tees going to breast cancer research.

FCKH8 responded to Aura Bogado in a  lengthy post on their website, saying that Bogado,  Colorlines and Race Forward were using “Click-baiting, Race-baiting, Homophobia, Minimizing Ferguson Residents, Trivializing Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts & Distorting Facts to Get Views & Donations."

Enter someone named Franchesca Ramsey, a video blogger and Saturday Night Live hopeful; she criticises FCKH8 for demanding an apology from Aura Bogado, Colorlines, and Race Forward, and gets even angrier after Colorlines and it's publisher, Race Forward, release a non apology apology clarificiation

Update, September 15, 2014, 5:28 p.m.:

Colorlines would like to acknowledge that we did not reach out to before running the blog post “This is the T-Shirt Company Making Money Off of Ferguson.” We make the following clarifications in the post:

1. According to a statement, the kids were from Ferguson.

2. Our piece says, “Five dollars from each shirt will supposedly go to unidentified ‘charities working in communities to fight racism.’” After publication, we learned that the organizations had designated as recipients were listed elsewhere on-line, including in a September 9, 2014 Shadow and Act story.

3.In our post we say “The company behind the video,, has made a name for itself selling what it calls ‘LGBT Equality Gear’(which sort of covers some LGB themes, but sort of leaves the T part out)…” According to an September 13, 2014 visit to, there is a transgender-themed T-shirt on sale in the “LGBT Equality Gear” section of the website.

4. After publishing the post we later learned that the organization behind the campaign had designated our publisher, Race Forward, as a recipient of a portion of the proceeds from this campaign. Unfortunately, contrary to philanthropic best practices, Race Forward hadn’t been previously notified of the the donation and immediately issued a statement that it would not accept any funds from the effort. Race Forward stands by that decision and would not have accepted the designation had we been previously aware.

It is important for us to assure you that our readers can trust us to report and behave with integrity. For 16 years, Colorlines has been a news source where race matters, featuring award-winning investigative reporting and news analysis. The questions we raised about the relationship between commerce and community politics with regard to race are important and legitimate, and we will continue to explore them generally on our screens.

At Race Forward, the organization you have come to know over 30 years —formerly under the name of Applied Research Center — our mission remains clear: to build awareness, solutions and leadership for racial justice. We do that by addressing: the impact of individual acts of racial discrimination within a deeper analysis of systemic racial injustice; the racial impact of individual and institutional actions and outcomes, as well as the intentions behind them; and the consequences of unconscious racial bias. Race Forward will remain committed to using this approach in considering any organizational perspective, opinionor association.

We remain committed to working towards a vibrant world in which people of all races create, share and enjoy resources and relationships equitably.

—Colorlines and Race Forward

Franchesca and others then accuse Race Forward and Colorlines of throwing Aura Bogado under the bus.

But wait, there's more....

Several of them, in some lame ass attempt to keep the conversation in their favor, then accuse FCKH8 of transphobia.

"If @FCKH8 is such a great "ally," why were they so quiet while we were fighting to free #CeceMcDonald for defending herself? #IStandWithAura."

"Hey @FCKH8 can we also talk about how a “no one knows i’m trans” shirt also places importance on cis passing & demeans those who don’t pass?"

How the fuck does transphobia factor into an ongoing argument over racism and racism for profit?; Good question, Nelson, I'm glad you asked.

Unfortunately, I'll never get an answer, because appparently no sooner this happened, Race Forward and Colorlines issued a second statement, apologizing for non apologizing apologizing to FCKH8 for calling them an unethical t-shirt company.

Statement of Unity

September 16, 2014

When we issued our initial statement on September 15, we were maintaining journalistic integrity. We needed to respond to our readers, followers, donors, and supporters. And we did. However, in efforts not to legitimize attacks against our organization and colleagues that we knew were baseless, we made several mistakes:

We did not publicly support and stand by our colleague, Aura Bogado.

We did not clarify that multiple people at this organization were involved in writing the blog post.

We did not reiterate the very real, fair critical question that we initially raised in our blog post— that it’s inexcusable to make money off of the death of black people.

In short, we ignored our humanity, and for that, we are sorry.

We are proud of the work we do at Colorlines and Race Forward every day, and we will continue to identify, discuss, and address racial inequities. Facing legitimate criticism, and taking responsibility, is part of that work. Sometimes we will disagree. Sometimes we will get it wrong. When we do, we are grateful to our community of supporters for criticism and feedback. We accept that this is one of those times you provided it, and we thank you.

Rinku Sen
Executive Director, Race Forward
Publisher, Colorlines

Congratulations FCKH8, for proving that social justice warriors like Aura Bogado and Franchesca Ramsey, and others are pretty fucking stupid people.

If there's something to be learned from all this, it's know something about the cause first before taking support or opposition to it. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc., are not issues one learns from a tweet.

And for the record, in anticipation of having someone attack me and call me names, first off, one, I'm of Puerto Rican descent; two, I'm gay; three, I've had some personal experience in profiling; four,I'm constantly subjected to racist and or homophobic attacks by people, gay and straight, black and white, in real life and on the internet.

Shut up.