Tuesday, April 15, 2014

my brieft thoughts on porno pete's arrest in canada.

After being refused entry to Canada last week by border officials and successfully appealing and gaining entry, Peter LaBarbera has reportedly been arrested in Regina and charged with mischief after refusing to leave the University of Regina campus, where he was allegedly distributing anti-gay literature.

Unfortunately, I've not much to say about this except for the fact he shouldn't have been allowed into Canada in the first place.  But you see right here is where I am already on the outs with everyone else in the LGBT activist sphere because all the popular gay bloggers and activists were actually supporting LaBarbera and his right to free speech.

They now what to call this a publicity stunt? Really?

The real stunt is not LaBarbera but it's the gay activists and bloggers who think they're all doing us a favor by pretending they care.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Gatekeepers of Politically Correct Trannyness are fucking out of control

There is an injustice taking place against LGBT's, and its culprits are a special interest group of self loathing gay men who think they're psychologically female.  It seems they've made it their number one mission to vilify anyone who either may be gender critical or strays from what some consider to be acceptable dialogue and terminology about transgender people.

And it's gotten out of control.

Yesterday I had a blogger shut down what I was hoped was a conversation about having San Francisco Pride select the traitor formerly known as Bradley Manning as their grand marshall. Criticizing Manning is now off limits, and something only anti-LGBT bigots are allowed to do.

Today came word that the Logo Network has pulled an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race because of complaints of terms some activists claimed were transphobic or disrespectful to transgender people.

These same people have also waged war against Andrea James and Calpernia Addams.  One of them, Zinnia Jones, is calling on The Huffington Post, Boing Boing and other outlets to place them on a blacklist.


There's a certain irony in having a blogger call for someone to be silenced on a blogging network where supposedly free speech reigns supreme.

Regarding GallusMag, the gender critical blogger who had her blogging privileges suspended for writing about a trans woman who was arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape, word is her blog, gendertrender.wordpress.com may be soon be deleted for violating their terms of service, but it seems Automattic, Wordpress' parent company, hasn't informed her what that is.

By the way, for those wondering about the title, it came from remarks Brett Easton Ellis made regarding his own issues with Gay Inc and the gay pc police, the fringe group of activists and bloggers who want everyone to adopt their beliefs and act they way they think you should, or else.

Does Automatic/Wordpress believe in free speech? If you're a lesbian feminist blogger, then no.

If you're an LGBT blogger using the Wordpress platform, be forewarned: Say  or write anything that hints of transphobia and they will censor or freeze your [Wordpress] blog, with no explanation other than perhaps some vague stupid warning that pops on your dashboard.

This is what happened to Gallus Mag on Friday after she wrote about a Twitter employee and gay and trans rights advocate, Dana McCallum who was arrested in January on rape charges and pulished some of Ms. McCallum's many tweets, including some where she mocked rape.

"Gallus Mag" is a blogger who addresses lesbian and feminist issues. Her website or blog is gendertrender.wordpress.com.

News of McCallum's arrest has been published on dozens of other websites, including the San Francisco Examiner, and there's been no attempt, that I know of, by anyone to have those news and blog articles pulled.  Yet somehow it's a gender critical blogger who is being silenced.

This is not only a violation of free speech, but also anti-gay.

For what it's worth, I join with others in demanding Automatic, parent company of Wordpress in reinstating GenderTrender immediately.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

San Francisco Pride names Chelsea Manning 'Honorary Grand Marshal' again. wrong move, again.

San Francisco Pride announced that the Wikileaks soldier formely known as Bradley Manning will be Honorary Grand Marshal of this year’s parade, after similar plans were scuttled last year.

Not surprisingly there are activists, such as +Thomas Waters , 
who are cheering the news, as if there is something to be proud of in having someone with mental health issues commit treason.

It's not.

If this decision has anything to do with Manning being transgender, then we've just been witnessed to one of colossal errors of judgement committed by LGBT activists.

But why pick Manning and not, for example, Floyd Corkins?

If there's anyone who deserves this honor that would be Floyd.  Here is a true activist, someone who decided, unlike the keyboard activists who spend their online day fretting over sticks and stones, he actually decided to do something about these organizations who profit in hate.  

But let's be honest; that decision was a wrong one.  But so was Manning's decision to leak classified secrets to Wikileaks. Why is one crime being honored while another is not?

Unfortunately, neither Mr. Waters nor anyone else for that matter wants to have this discussion.  Mr. Waters, to his credit, decided to shut down discussion, proving once again, it's always about protecting the one percent; One day it's the gay oligarchs and their right to commit corporate crimes, and the next day it's the right of special interest groups to commit federal crimes and have what they do celebrated at gay pride parades.

for a blog no one reads...

For a blog no one reads, I sure manage to generate alot of controversy; and yet despite it all, it's amazing how easy it's become for people to write me off the script, for lack of a better phrase, simply because I don't find into anyone's narrative.

Earlier this weekend, I had to make an unfortunate decision and pull my endorsement for a new LGBT community center in the Bronx because as it turns out, it's leadership, which is or was supposed to be devoid of any history or affiliations with people who shagged the The Bronx Community Pride Center into non existence, had somehow managed to sneak these people into the new organization and let them in charge of all the fundraising toward the new organization.

This is a big problem for me. It was a contempt for money which bought down the Bronx Community Pride Center and it's obvious that contempt has already taken hold of The Bronx LGBTQ Center.

Then I learned of Michelle Meow and her interviews with individuals who claim to be victims of overzealous gay rights activists.
What do these two events have in common? In the former, it's about protecting the executives and board members and their right to go from one job in Gay Inc to another Gay Inc job with little or no harm from the damage they cause or created under their watch.

On the latter, it's about protecting these problematic special interest groups forcing their will on the majority.

So far I've not received responses from any of the people I mentioned in my last post. Am I expecting to? Not necessarily. If there's anything I've learned it's that you have activists, those who take action in support or opposition to a cause, and then you have activists who exploit those causes for fame and profit.

And I've also learned that they're can only be one kind of advocacy, and it is for the one percent.

And since I'm not part of the one percent, and I don't care for any these gay social groups and cliques...well; there you have it.

coming full circle of gay on gay hate

Michelle Meow is host of a weekly talk show called Swirl Radio that targets the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.  It airs Saturday nights on 960 The Patriot, which is ironically a conversative radio station in San Francisco.

According to other websites, Michelle, whose off-air last name is Sinhbandith, describes Swirl Radio as fully inclusive of the LGBT spectrum—and just about everything else. They have a catchy motto: 

“We’re your A-to-Z show covering LGBT, LMNOP, and everyone in between.”

But in between what exactly?

To be honest, this is not a show I listen to regularly, but of late she's examining or doing segments on a matter that has become sacrosanct, that is, the gay on gay bullying and infighting that occurs with great frequency within the lgbt activist sphere, yet somehow no one is willing to admit or acknowledge such a thing exists or occurs because ignorance is bliss.

And it begs to question whether Michelle, or Ms. Sinhbandith, is being way too naive about the issue.

Last month or March 15, for those following in real time, Michelle interviewed Cathy Brennan, a controversial [lesbian] activist and feminist who has become public enemy number one within the transgender activist community regarding her views on transgenders.

If one were to listen to only this interview, one would think that Michelle gave Cathy a rare and major opportunity to clear the air about her alleged attacks against transgender women.

At least that's what I thought when I originally heard it.

But then the following week, Ms. Sinhbandith invited Dana Lane Taylor, an anti-gay transgender activist who used to be known as a "separatist" but decided to embrace the "transgender cause" and basically allowed "her" to reaffirm the myth Cathy, or Ms. Brennan is a transphobic and someone the Southern Poverty Law Center needs to monitor.

The next week, or March 22, Michelle interviewed someone named MA Melby (Marian Elaine Melby Aanerud); Marian, as it turns out, in addition to being a contributor at transadvocate.com, an anti-gay website, is part of a small group of homo hating trannies who spend their online day -however long that is - doxing Cathy and her family on social media.

Because I'm not necessarily friendly with Cathy, I did not notice Michelle promoting Marian's anti-Cathy petition. Or maybe I took it for granted.

That was until today when I learned that Michelle interviewed David-Elijah Nahmod and Carl Szulczyski aka Chazonator, two people I know all too well and have a connection with, and not in a good way.

I came to know of David-Elijah Nahmod in 2009, following his sensational story of an anti-gay couple in Arizona brainwashing his now former partner into leaving him.  After I picked up his story for my own blog, David started sharing with me email exchanges he had with Wayne Besen and Michael Airhart in which they were threatening him about going to other bloggers and websites to tell his story.  

Both Besen and Airhart also threatened me, with Besen even going so far as to send me this email which ironically verifies everything both David and Carl said to Michelle, but don't want anyone else to know about, mostly because it goes against their current narrative.

And probably Michelle's.  And Cathy.  And Dana, and Marian. and everyone else in between.

After Nahmod friended Carl, or Chaz, both them conspired against me, with Nahmod threatening and even calling the NYPD on me because I refused to pull several stories he begged me to republish, while Chaz has himself threatened me after I called him out a lie he told.  Not that Michelle noticed.

Earlier today, that would be April 12, I contacted Michelle regarding my own problems with the two men I mentioned, in the hopes that maybe Michelle would confront one of them on his sanctimonious hypocrisy.

I didn't hear back from Michelle. Unfortunately her interview with "Chaz" was pretaped so there goes that. And with that so goes any pretense of impartiality on the part of Michelle Meow.

Update: It also turns out that Mr. Nahmod has aligned themselves with those transgender kooks, that is the men who are claiming to be women, but still behave like male chauvinist pigs, in attacking Cathy Brennan.


And I also noticed a comment someone named Robert Oscar Lopez left on one of his earlier pieces on gay on gay bullying.


Guess Hooper will need to include this on his accountability project... that's if it doesn't conflict with his narrative, too

Saturday, April 12, 2014

so upon careful consideration

So upon careful consideration, I've decided I cannot support or endorse the bronxlgbtcenter.org and the current leadership.

When I agreed to become part of an ad hoc committee in July 2012, one of our primary purposes was to create a new Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community services center in The Bronx that would serve The Bronx Upper Manhattan, and lower Westchester County. 

This community services center was supposed to be  a completely new organization with a clean slate, devoid of any history or affiliations with existing organizations, politicians, and members of the community.

Unfortunately, I was not able to stay onboard for very long, thanks in part to certain individuals. some who have made it their lifelong mission that I remain downtrodden, disconnected, and isolated from the rest of the LGBT community.

But I still very much believed in the importance of having a new community center and did what I can to endorse this project.  

But obviously I've been lied to.

This has all been scam, a pyramid scheme where the intent was to invest in a fictitious organization,it's board members are a bunch of corrupt activists and then have everyone act under a pretense they care for their community.

Herein lies the problem: Which community? [Me?] The 99% percent of ordinary people facing extraordinary pressure at home and maybe work every day or is it that little private club of board members and executives responsible for shagging what was left of The Bronx Community Pride Center?

I've tried to find out, but it seems there is no one out there that can give me a straight (no pun) answer.

Not of any of this matters, of course. Nobody will read this, and if they do, they won't care. I'm not considered on the same league as those popular gay bloggers, not that I want to, but obviously, it's become a disadvantage and an exploit for me, and an economic advantage for them.