Saturday, January 24, 2015

the finger wag of shame: rupert read @GreenRupertRead

Time for everyone to get out the torches and pitchforks once again because ngblog is back with another shame on you award.

As per Gender Identity Watch, Rupert Read is a Green Party candidate in the UK who is being threatened by transgender “activists” for questioning the word “cisgender” and for feminist writers who had come under fire for their alleged transphobic views.

But no sooner transgender activists accused him of transphobia, Read folded like a cheap suit, not only apologizing for his tweets, he also, at the behest of transgender activists, renounced, a website, again, transgender activists have branded a
hate website, because they reject the notion men can become women merely by proclaiming themselves as such.

What exactly did Gender Identity Watch do that was so terrible? They supported "his right to question the anti-feminist concept of 'cisgender'."

Oh, the horror.

What makes this all the more shameful is It wasn't that long ago when we had millions of people marching in Paris and no doubt in England, too, in support of the idea we must never walk in fear of anyone.

As far as I'm concerned, those trans activists Read caved to are no better than the two jihadists who gunned down 12 people in Paris for saying the wrong thing.

Here's a newsflash for Mr. Read: Je ne suis cis, and neither are you.  One can support a platform and reject bullyism.

Shame on you for caving tranny terrorists.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

is being accused of rape and sexual assault part of the transgender tipping point?

Some days, it sucks being right.

Now comes word that Laurelai Bailey, a transgender activist and new media journalist taking credit for outing trans woman and community leader Allison Woolbert as a child rapist and triggered a sex offender hysteria among transgender and feminist activists, has gone into hiding, this amid accusations she (or he actually) faked a suicide attempt in order to deflect attention from new rape and child porn allegations.

So what does all this mean? I'm not quite sure yet.  Feminist bloggers who had previously played favorites - they had chosen the world's most disgusting tranny over someone who had, for the most part, done time and accepted responsibility for a crime and working toward improving lives for transgender people - have been quiet, while transgender activists, including but not limited to Autumn Sandeen, Becky Juro, Parker Molloy, Cristian Williams, Kelli Busey, Monica Roberts, and Marti Abernathy, all of sudden they're at a deficit.

Par for the course, I suppose.

And what of the popular gay blogs and writers? At last check, it seems they all have their panties in a bunch over some pay to pee app and Dear Abby.

As for me? I suppose some schadenfraude would be in order, but, at the end of the day, this just makes me all the more sad and angry. How many more incidents involving tranny terrorists does one need before realizing once and for all, these people have no business in our gay and lesbian movement?

Monday, January 19, 2015

with activists like these, who needs enemies?

The above tweet comes courtesy of Cathy Brennan, who for reasons that cannot be explained rationally has decided to change her name to Kirby Delauter, I assume in response to a Frederick County, Maryland council member who threatened to sue a local newspaper reporter for using his name in a story without permission.

When it comes to Cathy Brennan, one can't really tell what her motives are. I would ask, but these days, it seems the only people allowed to have dialogue with her are anti gay misogynist transgender social justice warriors who openly threaten women online or males who support, unconditionally, the feminist world view.

However to be fair, she's not the only person to have suddenly lost their mind when it comes the ongoing debate of whether or not people are born gay.

Blogger and activist Justin Norwood says or writes in a series of tweets, there are no known markers that indicate homosexuality.  For anyone interest you can read or follow him at:

I would do a storify thingy but I don't wanted to get too stressed out from all the stupid.

But to be fair, Is he right? In a word, yes.

No one really seems to know what it is that causes homosexuality. Many scientists think that nature and nurture – a combination of genetic,hormonal, and environmental influences – factor into the cause of sexual orientation.

I wasn't going to blog about this at all, but then I noticed he actually compared being gay to a craving for hot sauce:

Being that a bunch of late night comedians, gay blogs and writers just recently vilified a gay man who appeared on TLC special and compared being gay to a craving for donuts, it simply wouldn't be fair to let one person get away with making asinine statements about gay people while allowing others to get away with doing likewise.

And i don't really want to bring in other recent controversies into this debate - Leelah, Allison Woolbert - but it seems  gay and lesbian activists have lost their fucking minds, not only allowing a bunch of pigs with wigs to take full control of our movement, they're also playing into the hands of the opposition movement, the latter in utter deperation now that it appears we've entered, according to a talk show host, the "final frontier" in the movement for full LGBT equality.

When you have activists saying or writing things like "no one is born gay," or, comparing their sexual orientation to a spicy sauce condiment, with activists like these, who needs enemies?

the finger wag of shame: cyd zieger and outsports

Time for everyone to get out their fainting couches and smelling salts because I'm presenting another edition of The FInger Wag Of Shame, this one, going to Cyd Ziegler and OUTSPORTS.

Last week OUTSports published a story about a high school wrestler named Hunter who came out as gay to his parents and was subsequently forced into conversion therapy and forbidden from coming out to anyone else. 

This story, as one can imagine, went viral, with Hunter receiving support and encouragement from major sports figures including Martina Navratilova.

But this morning, Cyd Zeigler writes they had to pull the post after Hunter contacted them expressing fear his parents might see it:
We're sorry to say that we've decided to remove this story from the site. 
Hunter contacted us this morning with fear that his parents might see it. The story got shared and read far more widely - and with more mainstream media - than we had imagined it could be. When mainstream sites started picking it up, Hunter got concerned and this morning asked us to remove the full story, at least temporarily, from Outsports. Just as the publication of the story is something we don't usually do, its removal is the same. 
We're deeply sorry for any inconvenience.
It wasn't that long ago the GLBT community expressed shock and anger over the death of an Ohio teenager who committed suicide by truck because his parents had forced him into conversion therapy and reportedly had tried to isolate him because he imagined himself to be transgender.  Since this teenager's death, there have been calls for greater accountability, especially where it concerns parents abusing their gay and or transgender children.  It's gotten to the point where now activists who were previously opposed to transgenderism on philosophical grounds have joined with homophobic misogynist
transgender activists in demanding background checks for activists and organizations.

That they complied makes Ziegler and OUTSports not just cowards and hypocrites.  It might also reveal a double standard when it comes to teens struggling with their sexual orientation and or gender identity/expression.

OUTSports/Cyd Ziegler is not just participating in the closeting of a gay teen, they're also providing cover for Hunter's parents.

Worse still, this comes just days after millions of people marched in Paris and around the world in support of the idea we must not cave to religious based terrorism.

So shame on you, Cyd Ziegler and OUTSports, for proving yet again that when it comes to homophobia, nothing or no one can be phobic unless there's a homo to lead the way.

Friday, January 16, 2015

it's a mad, mad, mad, mad queer world

I really don't want to keep dwelling on this Woolbert scandal but the one thing I haven't been able to past and or figure outer is having activists, people whom have put themselves at the front lines in warning the public transgenderism is a danger to society, not only inviting themselves of a right to pick and choose who can or can't be on their side of the cause, but also voting for the lesser of the two evils.

Until recently, Allison Woolbert was a trans activist and community leader who lived a dysfunctional life as a man, and may have done some things as a man which may have lead toward doing time in prison. After doing time for the crime, Woolbert changed her life to become, according to the narrative, "a passionate advocate of and activist for human rights within the bisexual and transgender communities."

Laurelai Bailey is, according to another blogger,  a "detestable failure of a human being, a sexual predator, and an FBI Snitch."

Guess whom our paragons of activism chose to join them in their ongoing campaign to bring reason and sanity back to our movement?

Part 2

So is there an upside to all this crazy and madness?

Being that there is no one, and I do mean no one, willing to have this conversation with me, I've no choice but to seek the truth for myself, the answer is.... tada!.... yes!

At the end of the day, all this really proves is Transgenderism, as it stands now, is rife with either or:

mentally ill people who simply cannot or will not either accept their sexual orientation and work toward reconciling the animus that motivates them.


murderers, pedophiles, rapists, and traitors who are using transgenderism as a cover, perhaps so as to avoid hard labor and mistreatment in prison, and or having to register as a sex offender.  

Maybe it's both.

Maybe it's all the above.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

i don't make this shit up

Pigs with wigs outing each other, feminist and gay bloggers whom I thought were opposed to transgenderism endorsing a tranny terrorist over a trans woman and community leaderand a man who appeared in ad campaigns and press conferences promoting a type of therapy or counselling which maybe have/could have led to the death of a Ohio teenager who thought he was transgender instead of accepting he was gay being excused for his crimes against humanity.

It's just some of the crazy I experience daily as a blogger and activist.

Seriously; I know I can't be the only person can' who realizes how insane it is having activists and bloggers literally and figuratively picking and choosing who can and or can't be on their side of the cause, let alone what they can say or write or think.

Allison Woolbert is a child rapist and sex offender because some disgusting looking tranny said so?

That I'm irrelevant because some bipolar activist or blogger who does nothing except shout at the rain and tell everyone what to be afraid of and whose to blame for their lot in life says I am?

You people must be fucking joking.

But it seems the joke is mostly on me; f I were to message or email anyone to question their motives or veracity regarding one of the above, and I have, they put me on the ignore list. Or do something like this:

As if.

Here's another one that has been wondering what has happened to gay advocacy writing or blogging: My Husband's Not Gay is a one hour TV special airing on TLC which follows four men living Salt Lake City, Utah, who don't identify themselves as homosexual because of their Mormon faith despite having an attraction to men.  GLAAD, rightfully, so called the show irresponsible and supported a petition calling on TLC not to air the program.

But a bunch of bloggers and writers, including Zack Ford, appear(ed) to disagree with GLAAD and are giving this program or special a rave review, never mind the fact the show is sending a message being gay is something that is changeable.

How quickly they forget about that Ohio teenager who  just committed suicide by truck.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

the stupid. it burns

Here's a comment I left on another website regarding Randy Thomas and his so called peaceful disclsoure he's gay.
Really? Today we had an “ex-gay” rock star admit something many of us have known all along, that’s he gay; Said ex-gay who invited the notion that being gay and or transgender is a phase or behavior that can be recitified thru prayer. It’s an idea or concept that may have caused Joshua or Leelah’s – whatever makes you happy – parents to take him or her to a christian counselor. But instead of agreeing with me people like Randy Thomas must never be forgiven, no matter how many apologies he publishes or reshares on his social media, you want to have an argument with me over pronouns.
Later, someone else demanded I not make this about "Leelah."

I wasn't. Someone else did.

On the other, being that "Leelah" has been on everyone's mind of late, whom better to exempify?

Here's my followup comment:

My post wasn’t about Leelah; however, being that he or she has been on everyone’s mind, who better to exemplify? Here we have the man responsible for it all, who gave birth to the idea sexual orientation and or gender identity/expression are undesirable behaviors that can be treated thru christian counseling. Where exactly did Alcorn’s parents come up with that idea to take their son to a christian counselor?
I tell you where It’s from guys like Randy Thomas, that’s what. But it looks like indeed the gay media is willing to throw away years of irreparable harm this man, and Alan Chambers caused at our expense and are lining up outside his door in Florida to fuck him. 
This whole thing makes me sick.

Oh, and I have mention that the trans activist who maliciously outed Allison Woolbert is herself alleged to be a rapist?